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Removals made easy by TDHP Wildlife Control

If you have wildlife problems, we want to help!

Hello and welcome, looking to have unwanted animals removed from your home or business? You've come to the right place. TDHP Wildlife Control would like to help put an end to the animal damage, stress and inconvenience these critters may have caused in your daily activities. The trapping methods used are with humane cage traps, along with critter control we offer a full beaver removal service as well, with year round maintenance. 

If you're interested in tackling the issue yourself, we offer Problem Animal Control all season Bait & lures that will assist you in the removal of such animal(s). We understand that budget drives how wildlife exclusions are completed. We'll work with you to understand your needs and provide a solution that meets or exceeds budget.

Removals: beaver, skunk, muskrat, raccoon, weasel, red fox, gray fox, porcupine, Norway rat, mice, voles, red, gray and flying squirrel, opossum, chipmunk, rabbit, woodchuck, and moles.

Methods used: Humane cage traps, and common snap traps for rodents.

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Chipmunks, raccoons, skunks, woodchucks, opossums and fox, really take a liking to space under and in those areas because it’s usually quiet and protects them from predators.

The most effective method to prevent animals from getting under or into those areas would be to install a physical barrier. Labor intensive, but very effective and is key for problem solving wildlife issues.

Dealing with Critter Problems?

You've come to the right place!

Raccoon's may cause damage or nuisance problems around houses or buildings by trying to gain access to attics or chimneys or raid garbage while searching for food. The raccoon is known for killing off poultry, destruction of crops and when desperate they can tear through fascia boards and roofing shingles all in an effort to breach entry into your attic and crawl space. Along with destruction they are know to carry rabies and other nasty parasites that could potentially become a hazard for property owners.

Fox - Public opinion of foxes varies widely, with some wanting them removed while others are happy to tolerate them and some insist on feeding them. Foxes prey on small domestic animals and livestock such as chickens, rabbit, ducks and other young animals. They also have the potential to carry other disease organisms. 

Opossums seek shelter in attics, garages, chimneys, under houses, decks, or any place that offers protection from the elements. The damage they cause in attics can be quite extensive and could potentially cost hundreds or even thousands if not corrected immediately.
Groundhog  also known as the Woodchuck, causes huge problems for the  property owner.  They love to dig and will dig numerous tunnels that pose a serious threat to agricultural and residential development by undermining lawns, decks, patios and structural foundations. Groundhogs for the most part are herbivores they tend to be a big nuisance out in the gardens and flower beds as well

Rats & Mice could potentially cause fires by chewing on electrical wires, or cause structural damage by gnawing through joists and beams through out the structure. Their urine and feces could pose health risks as well.

Skunks This animal will dig in the lawn and gardens, looking for grubs, earthworms or soil insects. Most of the time skunks occupy burrows abandoned by other animals, brush piles, hollow logs or spaces under decks or porches, and sometimes find their way into garages that have been left open. Any place that will provide shelter is a safe haven for wildlife.

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