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Coyote and Fox Lure

Bloodline Canine Food Lure.

Bloodline is a thick paste smear able food and curiosity lure in one. It is an attention grabber and elicits a strong digging response from Coyote and fox. Bloodline can also be used as bait and have the same results from canines. Attractive to most all predators. 

Bamboozle Canine Lure Ran through a coarse screen for a chunk style bait with a light taint before soaking in our TDHP Bait Solution #2 Liquid Courage. Dynamic Fox, Coyote, Bobcat and Raccoon bait that could be used year round and ideal for dirt holes and flat sets. Its appealing odor hits predators hard.

Curiosity Lure that is highly attractive to Canines. When Fox and Coyote get a whiff of this odor it encourages them to dig. A real dirthole/flat set specialty. Attractive to most all predators.



Canine food lure put up in paste form that spikes curiosity in Canines. It's odor is penetrating and causes Coyote and Fox to dig and work your sets. High-Speed K-9 Lure makes for a killer change up on Bobcat. 


TDHPs  Fox Call Food Lure.

Attractive to Fox, Coyote and Bobcat

This lure has a two part base that puts out a strong penetrating odor that really get Fox going. It's designed to trigger a digging response and will keep fox interested until  they dig it up. Could be used year round and in dirtholes, flat sets, cages or placed up high as a call lure. 


Ghozt Yote Canine Lure

Curiosity lure with a creamy base that performs well and puts the hurt on Fox and Coyotes, and excels in cold temps. Attractive to most all predators.


CLutch K-9 Lure 

Formulated to elicit a digging response from canines, and keep canines working the set. It yields a great hunger attraction while communicating with other important ingredients that keep this lure attractive all year to canines. Also attractive to most all predators.


 TAKEN Canine Lure

Put up in a thick paste formulated to elicit a digging response from canines. Attractive to most all Predators.


Extract Predator Lure

Coyote, Fox and Bobcat

Nice alluring call lure that will reach out to them predators that walk off line. Extract is a paste lure that will stick or smear on most anything. 


Mass Carnage Predator Lure

Thick paste based lure designed to hit predators in their stomachs. Mass Carnage will thin out a pack in a hurry.  Attractive to Coyote, Fox and Bobcat.


Trauma Canine Lure

This lure is a semi thick paste lure with an appealing odor that gets the attention of Coyote and Fox. This lure could be placed on backing of a set, in a dirthole or placed above the set. Attractive to Coyote, Fox and Bobcat.