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Rodent Bait: Mice, Rats, Chipmunk, Shrew, Voles, Red, Gray and Flying Squirrel


Rat Addict Rodent Bait 

The staple when it comes to rodent bait. Pest tested, mother approved to put your pest to rest. Irresistibly attractive to Mice, Rats, shrew, voles, Chipmunks, Red, Gray and flying squirrels. 

Our go to bait when it comes to rodents. Rat Addict is packed with a variety of  ingredients which makes it highly attractive to rodents. 

Rat Addict can be used year round in or outdoors. If you want to trap rodents by the buckets, Rat Addict is for you!  You now have the choice between our standard paste bait or our Squeeze and go Liquid Rat Addict that makes baiting snap traps a breeze and speeds up the process. Be advised Rat Addict contains a nut oil.  Rat Addict does not contain poison.



Triple 7 Bonebreaker rodent bait.

Contains nuts

!!!!!!SOLD OUT!!!!!! 

Attractive to Mice, Rats, Chipmunk and Squirrels.

Triple 7 Bonebreaker is a thick heavy paste bait that works exceptionally well on attracting mice and rats and offers a change up for squirrels. Formulated with 7 ingredients that will lead rodents to their demise in big numbers using snap traps or in cage traps. Dab of Triple 7 Bonebreaker on snap traps will get the hammer to drop on rodents. This bait does not contain poison. Triple 7 Bonebreaker is designed to be used with cages and snap traps, and is being used with great success by Animal Damage Control / Nuisance trappers around the country. 

Gutter Runnah Squirrel Lure/Bait. Contains nuts

Attractive to Red, Gray and Flying Squirrel

Rich creamy base with lots of odor and flavor that are very attractive to squirrels.