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Raccoon Bait&Lure

Filthy Bandit Raccoon Lure

A smell above the fray. Highly attractive to raccoon. 


HEADCOUNT Raccoon Lure

Unique odor that is highly attractive to Raccoon. ADC and Fur Trappers Specialty. Great change up for Fox.

All - Star Coon Call
Highly Attractive to Raccoon and a slick changeup for Red and Gray Fox.

Raccoon All Call

Blend of attractive sweet and musky ingredients worked up with a three part base to perfection that trigger multiple positive reactions from raccoons. Great canine change up.



This is a sweet lure with a little bite at the tail end that really grabs the attention of Raccoon. 


TDHP's Smoky Rivah Raccoon Bait.

This has been a long time favorite for many serious Raccoon and fur trappers in general. Smoky Rivah Raccoon Bait is a coarse paste bait that is lightly tainted with a blend of ingredients that turn on the switch to a Raccoons stomach. Don't limit this bait to just Raccoon. TDHP's Smoky Rivah Raccoon Bait is deadly on Raccoon, Fox, Coyote, and Bobcat.


TDHP's Boss Banditz Raccoon Bait

TDHP's Boss Banditz is a fresh base that is ran through a coarse screen with a slick odor that absolutely dominates the raccoons ability to pass up. Boss Banditz Raccoon Bait is used by ADC and fur trappers year round with great success. Great Fox and Coyote change up.

TDHP's Raccoon Bait  has a smooth sticky base with a heavy odor that stands out and holds up against the weather. It's a bait&lure in one. Many raccoon have been taken using this bait. Also used for fox, and coyote for a change up.

Hypnotic Raccoon Lure

Fragrant mouthwatering blend of food for Raccoons with lots of odor to satisfy their curiosity. 


Coon-Reaper Raccoon Lure
Alluring sticky base with a blend of odors that have had many Raccoons stop to investigate its odor. When it's time to harvest Raccoon, Coon-Reaper Raccoon Lure is always up for the job.

Coon A Licious Raccoon Lure

Dynamic sweet odor that is attractive to raccoon's. Used as is or smeared on a marshmallow placed at the back of the cage. For Dp use, smear a dab along the rim of the Dp.


Dominance Raccoon Lure

The dynamic sweet odor for the early season that coons can't resist to investigate will hold their attention and get them to work your set and enter your cage traps. Which is why this lure excels on the ADC line for spring and summer trapping. When cooler temps arrive the food odor that is associated with this lure stands out and stands up to the elements with a heavy food odor that causes a mouth watering reaction from raccoons. 


Bad Habit  Raccoon Lure

Unique sweet sticky odor and base attractive to Raccoon. 

Great Fox change up.


TDHP Coon lure. 

All season coon lure put up in paste form that contains a powerful long lasting sweet odor. 


TDHP's HOSTAGE Raccoon  Lure

With a variety of mouth watering alluring offerings to Raccoons. TDHP's HOSTAGE Raccoon Lure will provoke Raccoon and keep their interest in what you have to offer. 

Serves as a stand up change up on Red & Gray Fox 


Damageplan Raccoon Lure

Sweet sticky base with many odors that are very attractive to Raccoons. Damageplan is a go to for the ADC techs, but not limited. It's a lure that is used year round by serious fur trappers around the country.


Vandalism Raccoon Lure.

Food lure that is highly attractive to Raccoon. Excels in cold temps, used by Fur and ADC trappers. Sweet change up for red and grey fox.