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Critter Chum

Irresistible palatable pellet style bait soaked in a sweet solution to maximize attraction. Highly attractive to Raccoon, skunk, fox and opossum. Ideal for Cage traps and Dp's. 

1 quart

Freedom Trail Multi - Call.

A blend of some of the finest ingredients out that we feel are key factors when attracting critters. It has a heavy sweet musky odor that is attractive to Raccoon, Woodchuck (Groundhog), Opossum, and Skunk. Little squirt in a cage or on another bait for more attraction and in a Dp for Raccoon is all that is needed.


Gruntwork Woodchuck (Groundhog) Bait. Attractive to Rabbit as well.
This bait is everything that drives Woodchucks (Groundhog) crazy and chucks love to eat. Blooming with a summertime garden call with a sweet mouthwatering aroma right behind it. Half a spoonful or more by itself  or on a piece of fruit/veggie or any object for eye appeal in a cage or at a set location. Many Woodchuck (Groundhog) have been removed using Gruntwork. When it comes to Woodchucks (Groundhog), like many others who use it..Gruntwork is our go to bait and used exclusively when it come to chucks. Gruntwork is also attractive to Rabbit.

ADC Critter -X- Press.

Multi- attractant for Raccoon, Fox, Coyote, Skunk and Opossum!

ADC Critter -X- Press has a two part base that's put up into a chunky paste.  ADC Critter -X- Press is known to put an all out assault on critters with a heavy odor that stands tall rain or shine and could be used year round. 


Fruit of the Coon ADC Lure.

Attractive to raccoon, woodchuck, and fox. Can be used year round.


Skunk O Matic 

Highly attractive to Skunks.

Eliminate a Critter 
Attractive to raccoon, skunk, opossum, and fox. 


Attractive to Raccoon, Fox, Opossum and Skunk

ROLL CALL is loaded with fun mouth watering edibles that really get the critters attention and keeps it focused on the briefing  of the many odors associated with the bait. 



This lure is designed to pull critters in and keep their interest in investigating its odor. SHOWDOWN is a thick paste smear lure that has a mild taint with a sweet aroma with key ingredients that are attractive to Skunk, Opossum, Raccoon and Gray Fox. 



Unique Food Lure with an odor that excels on Raccoon, but not limited. Skunk and Opossum are highly attracted to its odor as well. Great tool to extract critters from the shadows when it counts.


Raccoon All Call Lure

Blend of attractive sweet and musky ingredients worked up with a three part base to perfection that trigger multiple positive reactions from raccoons. 


All-Star Coon Call.

All-Star Coon Call is loaded with edibles that raccoon favor with a sticky base, sweet and smooth odor that will trigger interest in raccoons. Excels from early spring to late fall.


Moonlight Critter Load Up

Put together with an arsenal of hard charged ingredients that will drag critters out of hiding. Its pungent strong odor excels on raccoon, skunk, and opossum.  


The Crazies Bait&Lure

Coonapocalypse Raccoon Lure. 

Super sweet odor that takes over the ability for a Raccoon to bypass its odor without investigating its source. Highly attractive to Raccoons and serves as a great change up for gray fox.


The Crazies Coon Bait.

Paste bait with lots of flavor and odor that will take Raccoon in numbers.